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Michelle's Driving School Pty Ltd

Safe Driving Starts Here!

Michelle’s Driving School Guarantee” ensures a stress-free, value for money experience. Importantly, our evaluation is based on one-on-one individual tuition so we teach you how to drive as fast as you can learn, using only expertly trained driving instructors who will have you driving confidently and competently in no time at all.

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Why Choose Us?

Driving Lessons

We have over 38 lesson plans which covers all aspects of driving. Once our instructors have evaluated your level of experience, whether that be none or a lot, the lesson plans can be modified to suit your particular needs.


We understand that everybody is different and we will work with you to make it as easy as possible, and definitely stress free.

Manual Vehicles

Manual driving instruction could be provided if the vehicle is supplied. Due to the limited demand, it is not viable to keep a manual vehicle on premises. 

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